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Brazilian prisoners are too often forced to endure appalling daily living conditions in the country's prisons, jails and police lockups. The four main parks are: Parque Farroupilha, a 37ha park; Jardim Botânico (The Botanical Garden of Porto Alegre), with some 725 species of vegetation on about 43ha of land; and Parque Marinha do Brasil (The Brazilian Navy's Park), a vast park of more than 70ha which offers a wide variety of sports fields and tracks.
Il massiccio sviluppo urbanistico che attualmente si riscontra ovunque nel mondo, ma la cui dinamica è impressionante soprattutto nei paesi in via di sviluppo, conduce ad assorbire all'interno del tessuto urbano corsi d'acqua e falde con effetti spesso dirompenti sul loro regime idrologico e sul loro equilibrio ecologico.

The center-right Brazilian Social Democracy Party ( PSDB - Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira took over in 2016 and, in 2017, suspended participatory budgeting for two years, citing a lack of resources and the need for reforms While the official promise is that participatory budgeting will continue, the fear is that this is a significant setback to the open governance process that will dismantle the system all together.
Irregularity is a multidimensional phenomenon involving tenure issues (e.g., legal rights of occupation, title registration); compliance with urban norms and regulations (e.g., lot sizes, allowance for public spaces, street layouts); the number and quality of services provided; the type of area where desentupidora zona norte porto alegre settlement occurs (e.g., ecologically risky areas, hillsides, contaminated brownfields); and above all the occupation process itself, which is usually the opposite of formal development, whereby occupation is the culmination of a legal and regulated sequence from titling to planning to servicing.

A questão crítica das inundações nas cidades brasileiras é consequência de um processo acelerado e desordenado de urbanização, que resultou em impermeabilização excessiva do solo, remoção de mata ciliar, assoreamento de rios e córregos, poluição da água, entre outros.
Unlike other large Brazilian cities much farther north, notably Brasília , São Paulo , and Rio de Janeiro who observe a pronounced summer maximum in precipitation amounts, the city of Porto Alegre experiences a prominent winter maximum in precipitation values and cloud cover, for the summer season is primarily hot and dry; though evidently high humidity levels often give a distinct mugginess to the air and negatively impacts air quality.

Public authorities cannot keep up with this cycle of complicity, and thus restrict their role to minimal inspection activities that both conceal a management model tolerant of informality and expose the absence of other housing options for that segment of the population.
Durability of Plain Galvanized Steel Drainage Pipe in South America: Criteria for Selection LAWRENCE BEDNAR Durability of plain galvanized steel drainage pipe is associated with Problems first appeared in Brazil in and near the Amazon Basin of northern Brazil (J).

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