Spanish law and the Spanish conveyancing procedures for buying and selling property in Spain are different from those in the UK. There are potential pitfalls. Beyond your property in Spain wish list, considerations such as location, budget, nearby facilities, transport connections, airports, shopping, beaches, hospitals, tourist attractions, expat … Read More

What every teenager would like to have is a credit card without limits, a new car, the newest look, and an iPod that can hold 50 million songs. They can also adjust status to permanent resident status along with your new spouse providing that the Form I-485 application and related forms are filed before each child reaches age 21. (Note that unlike … Read More

You may wonder about something so weird about the lifestyles of animals that sometimes pop-up in your mind. In ongoing recent work, my students and I analyzed college students' scores on a few common scales that psychologists use to assess humor, time perspective and the need for humor - a measure of how an individual produces or seeks humor in the… Read More

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