Encre Noire Cologne For Men By Lalique

On occasion, the designer may change the packaging but not the formulation of a product or fragrance. If any discrepancies are noted, please contact our customer service line for verification of the actual description or imagery. What are your thoughts about this perfume? Let me know in the comment section below. As for related beauty products, Lalique also offers Encre Noire Extreme as 150ml perfumed shower gel.
This dark, dramatic men's scent, literally named after “black ink,” will give you the ultimate in natural magnetism. Top notes of vetiver and cypress immediately draw you into the woodsy appeal of this fragrance. Beneath, the heart is comprised of both Haitian and bourbon vetiver notes, which fade into earthy bottom notes of musk and cashmere wood. If you're looking for a sophisticated, masculine scent with a personality all its own, this cologne is perfect for a night when anything can happen. This dark, dramatic menÕs scent, literally named after Òblack ink,Ó will give you the ultimate in natural magnetism. If youÕre looking for a sophisticated, masculine scent with a personality all its own, this cologne is perfect for a night when anything can happen. Encre Noire was developed by perfumer Nathalie Lorson, and features two kinds of vetiver , cypress, cashmere woods and musk.

The drydown is both woody and musky, very smooth and balanced. To me it is a perfect example for a shared/unisex scent.
I especially like it on cold, rainy days here in Oregon. It reminds me of how my aunt that smoked a lot of cigarettes smelled when I was a child.

I was pleasantly surprised last Christmas to be introduced to this fragrance wandering the refurbishment of Myers department store in Melbourne. Retailers were in overdrive with the gift-giving season in full swing. I spent some time talking to the boutique staff, actually one of Trimex’ own staff who was helping kick-start the business for the opening.
It's easy to see why it's so popular since it's one of the very great bargain scents, smelling far more expensive than it is. It has a damp, earthy vegetal smell thanks to the vetiver, and the Cyprus adds a note of fresh, outdoorsy green. It's pleasingly bitter, the way fresh herbs can have a bite. That said, it's not to my nose the Gothic fragrance others seem to perceive it as. The musks, cashmere woods, and what smells like a walloping dose of Iso E Super, add softness and even a fluffiness to the fragrance as it dries down. It's a lovely, almost aromatherapeutic fragrance, and is well worth the money. I guess it leans masculine, but only by traditional association.
Somehow it manages to be quite clingy and nauseating for me. Not a scent for long indoor-stays and also not realy suitable for the warmer days. There are however times I realy enjoyed and liked Encre Noir espacially on the very cold and harsh days it's unique charme is pleasing. best blind buy i've made yet (and at $30 for 100ml, incredibly worth it!) this smells IDENTICAL to an autumn forest after rain on the opening.

I’m getting a hint of smoky vetiver which I like but it’s just not performing well in terms of strength and longevity. Now I noticed this morning there are a couple of reviews in the summer of purchases from Notino where the formulation was described as weak. My purchase was also from Notino but I’m not 100% sure it’s the fragrance alone, more how it just reacts on me. Not for everyone to wear but for everybody to enjoy! Bruce Wayne type of a guy, Batman type of personality. This wonderful scent is not for everyone and not for every ocassion either, not a blind buy too.
Apart from that this stuff is something else. A must in your collection if you are interested in scents if you ask me. If Marcus Aurelius wore fragrance, it would be this one.

I gave it only a very quick smell, but thought it was pretty. I'm fairly sure it is actually a 2003 limited edition that they've brought back visit here for Neiman Marcus. I have a long line of friends and relatives who love my rejects. I love Hiris because it's sharp, metallic and bitter.
Clean morning forest air meets extinguished fire. Smoke and leather expressed in a new way. Beautiful bottle and packaging and a steal at at $25. It has some of the most basic qualities but not the exquisite artistry of the masterpiece Sycamore by Chanel but affordable, attainable and available.

At the heart, Haiti Vetyver and Bourbon Vetyver add a mysterious woodsy touch. The dry-down is charming with Cashmere Wood and Musks.
I think it is a must for collectors who need to operate within a strict budget. Surprising good and affordable like so many Lalique fragrances from the discounters. For me this smells like herbal grass and liquorice. I really like vetiver when it´s smooth like in Terre d'Hermes Hermès. Encre Noire still manages to be the best one out of the trio as it is overall better executed and stunningly composed. The overall scent can come off as damp, wet, gloomy, some may even find it bleak but it is a fragrance that conveys itself as understated elegance.
Sillage is milder, but so is longevity. Still, it is not a scent to guarantee compliments along the way, and requires a little more discernment on when and where to wear. This molecule is present in high doses in Extreme and gives it that recognizable woody sharp aroma.

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